2023 ALL-STATE Awards!

Congratulations to the individuals below for having the top overall averages for the 2023 Spring League!

Each student listed below will get a special All-State Team Patch!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


AthleteTeam NameSeason Average
TURNER THOMPSONGroton Area High School25
JADON PETERSENPlatte-Geddes High School24.7
PORTER JOHNSONGroton Area High School24.5
HUNTER STEINHAUSSioux Valley High School24.4
BRYCE HAUCKBon Homme High School24.4
JACK ANDERSONWinner/Colome High School24.4
KALE KRIESEDakota Valley High School24.1
KAIDEN BOERBrandon Valley High School24
ZANE BACKOUSAberdeen Roncalli High School24
JUDE SARGENTWinner/Colome High School24
SEAN DUNKERWall High School23.9
JANSEN KONECHNEChamberlain High School23.9
ANDY PAGEPierre TF Riggs High School23.9
HUNTER SIEVERDINGMcCook Central High School23.8
PAYTON MITCHELLGroton Area High School23.8
COLE SCHLEUTERGarretson High School23.7
JONAH MUSILEKBelle Fourche High School23.7
CADENCE FEISTGroton Area High School23.6
NICHOLAS SOUHRADABon Homme High School23.6
ALEXANDRA KLOCEKBelle Fourche High School23.6
BRODY BRYANWall High School23.6
CARTER SKOGSBERGElk Point High School23.5
GEORGE CLARKWinner/Colome High School23.5
JACKSON SEBRINGBrookings High School23.5
DYLAN WOLFGarretson High School23.4
KYLE SANDERSHot Springs High School23.3
CHRIS HORNICKSioux Valley High School23.2
BRADEN BERANBon Homme High School23.2
DYLAN DREXLERBrandon Valley High School23.2
GAGE BACKMANHarrisburg High School23.2
CHRISTIAN FEESChamberlain High School23.2
WILLAM PEKELDERMilbank High School23.2
PAYTON SILVERNAILYankton High School23.1
NATHAN MEYERBon Homme High School23.1
JOSIAH WILLIAMSRapid City Area Schools23
COLIN MAYERChamberlain High School23
CHRISTIAN PERRYCenterville High School23
REECE GERLACHMcCook Central High School23
TRYSTON KVASNICKAHerreid High School23
BRAYDEN CARBAJALBelle Fourche High School22.9
SEAN SYBESMADakota Christian School22.9
ADDISON WARDAberdeen Central High School22.9
BRAYDEN KNUTSONIroquois / Lake Preston High School22.9
THOR FISHHot Springs High School22.8
JAKOB GNADTGarretson High School22.8
BRAXTON PULSEKimball High School22.8
JOSH SWITZERPierre TF Riggs High School22.8
NATHAN ENNINGAIroquois / Lake Preston High School22.7
CHARLES GABELRapid City Area Schools22.7
ALEX MCINTIREPierre TF Riggs High School22.7
CIARA STEWARTHot Springs High School22.7
JOEY HEESCHMitchell High School22.7
ISAAK JESZBritton-Hecla High School22.7
PAISLEY MITCHELLGroton Area High School22.7
KODY HORNERBrandon Valley High School22.7
REMINGTON MEYERINKPlatte-Geddes High School22.7
DANICA MIDDENDORPDakota Christian School22.7
TRELL KAUPPMitchell High School22.6
TATE NESLADEKPierre TF Riggs High School22.6
TRISTAN KAMPAGroton Area High School22.5
NATHAN BOWERSBelle Fourche High School22.5
BRYCE BECKERPierre TF Riggs High School22.5
CALEB WESTERBURGarretson High School22.5
LUCAS JOHNSONMilbank High School22.5
JORDAN HERRLEINMitchell High School22.5
PAUL GUTENKAUFAberdeen Roncalli High School22.5
THOMAS SMITHBrookings High School22.4
OREN SARGENTWinner/Colome High School22.4
HUNTER JENSENBritton-Hecla High School22.4
HAYDEN HUBERSDakota Christian School22.4
NOAH MANKEWinner/Colome High School22.4
RILEY TIMMERMANPlatte-Geddes High School22.4
HUNTER SHIPPYWinner/Colome High School22.4
PAYTON JACKSONBelle Fourche High School22.4
CARTER MCKENNABelle Fourche High School22.4
RYKER FRENGYankton High School22.4
TEGAN SUMNERFlorence High School22.4
TREVOR SWENSONBrandon Valley High School22.3
LUCAS GREENElk Point High School22.3
JETT MOHRWall High School22.3
WILL ROTERTMcCook Central High School22.3
CHEVY FEESChamberlain High School22.3
COLE JOHNSONBrandon Valley High School22.3
COLE RANKWinner/Colome High School22.3
SKYLIE WAGNERWall High School22.2
TREY HUTCHINSONPierre TF Riggs High School22.2
SHELDON MAYERChamberlain High School22.2
JAXON JUNGWIRTHPierre TF Riggs High School22.2
CHASE TEMMEDe Smet High School22.2
TYTON STANGEGroton Area High School22.2
MICHAEL POWERS-DINGERGroton Area High School22.2
MEMPHIS KAULBon Homme High School22.2
ZACHARY WEIDEMANAberdeen Central High School22.1
HARPER KIRSCHPlatte-Geddes High School22.1
DYLAN HARMONBritton-Hecla High School22.1
WYATT HOLMSTROMYankton High School22.1
EMMA WOLFGarretson High School22.1
SAWYER SOMSENPierre TF Riggs High School22.1
CONNOR WIIKMilbank High School22
RUSSELL WALBERGAberdeen Central High School22
ZACHARY UHLGarretson High School22
LANDON JENSENWarner High School22
J.R. VAN OEVERENHarrisburg High School22


AthleteTeam NameSeason Average
COLIN MAYERChamberlain High School23.8
JACKSON SEBRINGBrookings High School23.2
WYATT MORTENSONStanley County High School23.1
CHRISTIAN FEESChamberlain High School22.9
SHELDON MAYERChamberlain High School22.5


AthleteTeam NameSeason Average
WYATT MORTENSONStanley County High School20.4
JONAH MUSILEKBelle Fourche High School19.2
RYLIE STOESERStanley County High School19
SHEA KJELDGAARDTripp-Delmont-Armour High School18.8
CARTER MCKENNABelle Fourche High School18.2