Clay Target Sports & Social Distancing

In this time of COVID-19, it’s important that all necessary steps are taken to participate in clay target sports in a manner that ensures that everyone – including athletes, coaches, parents, and others – can remain safe and healthy while enjoying their time on the range.

Clay target sports are by nature an activity of limited personal contact. Athletes participate outdoors on a range with limited access, and during normal operation, can remain separated appropriately on and off the field.

The general recommendations below are intended to be used as a starting point for ranges, coaches, and teams to educate and enforce safe social distancing practices. It is the responsibility of each team to make sure they are in compliance with all school policies regarding the interaction protocols with student athletes.

Safety is always the first priority. Please remember to refer to, and follow,  CDC Guidelines at all times.

Social Distancing Practices For Clay Target Teams:

General Guidelines:

  • Non-essential spectators should be encouraged to stay home. Those that remain should be required to and stay a safe distance away from athletes, coaches, and volunteers.
  • Limit group sizes whenever possible.
  • Consider wearing protective face and hand equipment when necessary.
  • Consider offering disinfectant wipes, towels and cleaners when possible.
  • Wash hands regularly and avoid contact to the face.
  • Wipe down/disinfect equipment and clothing after participation. 

Coach/Athlete/Team Interaction: 

  • Avoid carpooling with those who are outside your immediate family.
  • Arrive directly to the field and exit immediately after the round(s).
  • Athletes should check in with a coach at the field instead of entering a crowded clubhouse.
  • Consider reducing squad size to three members per round.
  • Consider waiting in the vehicle until your turn to shoot.
  • Avoid sharing equipment. 
  • Avoid gathering at gun racks.
  • Practice ‘E-Coaching’ – utilize online tools like email, video conferencing, and voice chat (phone and online) to communicate with athletes and parents rather than in-person contact when possible. 
  • Avoid touching clipboards, scoring chairs, picnic tables as necessary.
  • Celebratory contact like high-fives, back-patting, etc should be avoided. 
  • Team photos and/or other group events or gatherings should be postponed or cancelled. 

Everyone is looking forward to things getting back to normal. By following the above guidelines and suggestions we can all do our part to make that happen sooner than later.